Introducing some of our current projects

Image of children in School in 1896

wk-b11-5156 from the Warwickshire Photographic Survey (MS 2724)

As well as preparing to move, we are involved in some big projects. The outreach team are busy with the Children’s Lives project which explores the lives of children since the 18th century using the collections held in Birmingham Archives and Heritage, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and the Media Archive of Central England. There will be an exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery at the end of this project in 2012.

Another important project involves the cataloguing and digitization of one of our large photographic collections, the Warwickshire Photographic Survey which is a collection of photographs taken by amateur photographers documenting rural and urban Warwickshire over the period 1890-1958. Nearly one year into this three year project, 4000 images have been digitized, but there are plenty more to go. We are also involved in several collaborative PhD projects with the University of Birmingham such as the cataloguing of the Dame Elizabeth Taylor Cadbury papers (1858-1951) which is nearing completion. You’ll be able to find out more about all of these projects and others in contributions by the project teams.

Eleanor, Archives Assistant


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