Hidden Histories: Who is Harry?

An image of Harry(Ref: MS 538/27)

This arresting image comes from a collection of postcards and photographs relating to members of a Birmingham family who had connections in the performing arts.

Signed simply “Ever thine, Harry” it is addressed to Dolly “my only, best and dearest friend in this world” and dated 6th November 1926.

So who is Harry?  His clothes would date him to the early years of the twentieth century (despite the 1926 date).  We have no idea who he is.  If anyone could help please get in touch via our usual contact details. A larger version of the image is available here.

Working in an archives gives a unique opportunity to stumble across all sorts of intriguing and interesting stories that can otherwise lie hidden in the archives.

Archive catalogues are vital for identifying collections which will help with every possible research topic. Historians rely on accurate and informative catalogue entries to uncover sources which broaden our understanding of the past.  Sometimes, as in this case, the catalogues are old and do not highlight things we might consider interesting or important today. This has serious consequences for any study of a subject which may have been marginalised or overlooked in the past. If it isn’t described in the catalogue it becomes hidden and relies on chance finds in the archives.

Rachel MacGregor


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