New Additions

An image of the shelves.

Recently we made a number of important acquisitions for the Birmingham Collection plus a number of items relating to Black History and Genealogy and we thought you might be interested to know about them. These new additions are listed below:

1. Crawford, Graham.

 Marston Green : From Olden days to the Present day.


L 97 MAR

2. Debney, Jean.

The Dangerfields, Munitions & Memoirs. (Female Voices in Birmingham Munition Factories).


L 75.8 DEB

3. Duggan, Audrey.

A Sense of Occasion : Mendelssohn in Birmingham, 1846 & 1847.


L 55.3 DUG

4. Field, Donald.

The History of Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities.


BCOL & L 41.106

5. Hazell, Alastair.

The Last Slave Market : Dr. John Kirk and the struggle to end the African slave trade.


967. 8102092 KIR BHC

6. Haycock, Phil.

Memories of Kings Norton Youth Fellowship.


LF 14.41 HAY

7. Hislop, M., Demidowicz, G. & Price, Stephen.

   ‘ Northeton … a praty uplandyshe towne …’. Building Recording, Excavation and Documentary  Research in King’s Norton, 2005 – 2007.


LF 70.6 HIS

8. Jeffery, Sr. Barbara.

 Living for the Church before everything else : The Hardman Family Story.


L 77.2 HAR and 248.894 HAR Secure Area.

9. Loach. P.L.

Marriages in Birmingham Registration District, 1837 – 1924.


K Register Office Box

Indicates which churches inBirminghamare covered by the page numbers on the GRO index.

10. Malcolm X. Final Speeches, February 1965.


323.1196073 Black History Collection.

11. Norcap. SFFC Action Pack. Adoption Support Agency.


Behind A & H Enquiry Desk and 929.1072 NOR Secure Area.

12. Sawkill, John.

 The Origin and Initial Development of St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham.


LP 73.4 SAW

13. Sumner, Ann.

Court on Canvas : Tennis in Art. (Barber Institute Exhibition).


LF 25.62 SUM


2 responses to “New Additions

  1. I’d love to see ‘Marston Green:from Olden days’. i have series of stories from ex-residents at the children’s home, souvenir book and other bits I had digitised when working with Margaret Harding, the then secretary at Marston Green Hospital. Please see link below:

  2. Thanks for this link Marcus. Such poignant tales of early lives.

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