Yet further additions

An image of the shelves.

A number of new acquisitions made to the Birmingham Collection and the Genealogy bookstock. Why not have a look below:

1. Birmingham City Council.
Housing Department, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Action Plan.
LP 21.85 BIR

2. Callaghan, David.
A Day in the Life : Black Heritage Trail of the West Midlands.
LP 21.85 CAL

3. Clay, Kit.
Footprints of an Irish Soldier.
L 78.1 FIN
— Chapter on John Sharp, ex – BLS Librarian.

4. Eccles, Rachel.
A ‘Technical Archaeological’ investigation of the material alterations to the Birmingham Central Library.
LF 53.31 ECC

5. Green, Andy.
Revd. Peter Thomas Stanford.
LP 78.1 STA

6. Hirsch, Alison Duncan.
Joseph Priestley House, Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide.
L 78.1 PRI

7. Kennett, Debbie.
DNA & Social Networking. A Guide to Genealogy in the Twenty – First Century.
929.10285 KEN.
(On Genealogy Bookstand pro. tem.)
8. Lupson, Peter & Lerwill, John.
The Inspirational William McGregor, Father of the Football League.
L 78.1 McG

9. Midlands Polish Community Association.
In War & Peace, Collected Memories of Birmingham’s Poles.
LF 21.82 MID

10. Norman, Andrew.
A Brummie Boy Goes to War.
BCOL & L 78.1 WAL

11. Plant, Helen.
‘Ye Are All One in Christ Jesus’ : Aspects of Unitarianism & Feminism in Birmingham, c 1869 – 1890.
Women’s History Review. Vol. 9, No. 4. (2000).
LP 18.4 PLA

12. Ward. Margaret.
The Female Line. Researching Your Female Ancestors.
929.1 WAR
(On Genealogy Bookstand pro. tem.)

13. Wildman, Stuart.
The Development of Nurse Training in the Birmingham Teaching Hospitals, 1869 – 1957.
International History of Nursing Journal. (2003).

14. Wildman, Stuart.
The Development of Nursing at the General Hospital Birmingham, 1779 – 1919.
International History of Nursing Journal, Vol.4, No.3. (1999).
LP 46.21 WIL

15. Young, Mark.
Good Honest Beer. Mitchells & Butlers, The Story of a Midlands Dynasty.
L 66.51 YOU


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