Children’s Lives Exhibition – now open!

Hand-made ticket

Hand-made ticket by Arthur Wallis, age 15, 1889 (Ref: MS 2628/5)

A new exhibition on Children’s Lives is now open in the Gas Hall. Running until 10 June 2012, it features a variety of archives from our collections.

Photographs, archive documents, costumes, artwork and objects will bring to life more than 300 years of history, with collections drawn from Designated and nationally acclaimed collections held by Birmingham Archives & Heritage, Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, and the Media Archive of Central England.

The exhibition provides a fascinating insight into Birmingham’s history, as well as a key resource for understanding the changing nature of childhood locally, nationally and internationally. It reveals both how the experience of childhood has changed and how it has been understood and constructed by adults over time. It brings the voice of the child to life and draws connections between the past and the present into sharper focus.

Children’s Lives will include a creative programme of events and spark debate about the lives of children in today’s Britain. Find out more on the Children’s Lives website, where you can also see some of the exhibits as well as galleries of additional material relating to childhood from the archives.

For information on visiting the exhibition, see Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery’s website.

Brigitte Winsor
Digitisation and Outreach

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