Recommended: Worcestershire Archives blog

Over the last few months Worcestershire archives have been working very hard preparing to move into a fabulous new building. This is something we at Birmingham Archives and Heritage can really relate to!

During this time the staff have been writing an interesting blog ( showing what they have been up to behind the scenes and what is involved in packing and moving all their collections.

It is always fun having a sneak peak behind the scenes, and they have made a series of photographic and video tours including a video walking the new strong rooms

The Hive is now open! We would like to wish them all well in their new building and suggest you head over to to read more about their adventure!

Thank you to Worcestershire Archives for allowing us to post these pictures from their blog. Please click on the images to visit the individual posts that they come from for more information.


Our Recommended series is a way of sharing links we find interesting and relevant to Birmingham Archives and Heritage if you would like to suggest a blog or a website for us to feature please leave a message in the comments below.

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