Who Do You Think You Are?

Birmingham Archives and Heritage Genealogy Pack

Extract from the front cover of our ‘Guide to Family History Sources’

Who Do You Think You Are? returned to BBC One this week for a ninth series of celebrity ancestor-chasing, featuring among others Samantha Womack, Gregg Wallace, Annie Lennox and Patrick Stewart. We’ve noticed that WDYTYA often inspires viewers to make a start on their own family history, and if you’re one of them – or even if you’ve already got going – we’ve put together some resources to help you on your way!

Birmingham Archives and Heritage produces a pack called Journey To Your Past, which contains 10 four-sided topic guides, plus a guide to starting out, a glossary of terms and a list of useful websites. It also contains reproductions of some of the most commonly used genealogical documents (such as census returns, wills and trade directories), annotated by our experts to help you get all the information you can from them. Journey To Your Past focuses on records which can be found in our collections, but the information it contains can be applied to records across England and Wales.

To order Journey To Your Past for the (frankly, bargain) price of £5.00, see our website at http://bit.ly/NEoU1s.

Sarah Pymer

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