Guest Blogger: From the Searchroom

Map of Aberdare

Ordnance Survey Map [1″ 7th series / sheet 154]

This is probably going to make me unpopular with other authors, but in my field of technical guidebooks to railways I have latterly found myself increasingly going back into their history, to correct all the errors and gaps left by all the others who have failed to research their material properly. My own current project is a survey of railway cable inclines, of which the UK industrial sector once had over a thousand, every one now gone apart from preserved or re-created samples.

I find that Ordnance Survey maps, while suffering their own limitations [eg. the one-inch cannot cope with station platforms staggered both sides of a level crossing, or distinguish mineral lines from aerial ropeways, while some lines had come and gone in the 70 years between the 1st and 2nd editions], are an incomparable resource for the purpose. As are your admirable staff on the 6th floor who, no matter how much I drive them crazy blundering about between different editions chasing things for which I do not have dates, always manage to find what I ask for sooner or later. I recommend them to other users for all purposes.

Michael Oakley


One response to “Guest Blogger: From the Searchroom

  1. Yes, the staff are really wonderful

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