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Do you ever feel bamboozled by just what is out there in the great big bloggersphere to assist with family history research or do you just need a nudge in the right direction?

Well, worry no more as our Useful Websites List, conveniently arranged into 21 different bite size and clearly identifiable categories may be the panacea to cure most known genealogical ills. The list can guide in trying to locate copies of civil registration certificates, point you in the right direction regarding attempts to locate military records and also put you in touch with other like minded individuals examining aspects of family and local history research. Don’t be shy, give it a go.

Paul Taylor



5 responses to “Online Family History & Heritage Resources

  1. I was trying to look for your contact details but couldn’t find them. I noticed this list of useful website and blogs, and wondered if you might like to include which is a blog about Georgian and Regency Birmingham, and can be useful for people researching family or local history during that period. I hope you don’t mind me adding it here, as it is free to use, but thought that it might make a useful addition to the list.

    • Many thanks for sharing this information, I’m sure a lot of our readers would find this website interesting. I will pass the info on so that it can be added to the next updated version of the list. In case you still need to get in touch, there is a link to our service information in ‘The Archives’ tab (at the top of this blog).

  2. Very informative and a great one stop starting place for people looking to trace their roots.

  3. Reblogged this on keithbracey and commented: is also very good in helping you trace your family online………………

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