Moving house

Waiting to be packed

Waiting to be packaged.

Packing to move house requires a lot of planning, making to-do lists, putting things in boxes, careful wrapping of those much loved fragile belongings, and labelling so that you and the movers know what should go where. Packing up an entire archive is not very different. There’s just much more of it! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the on-going jobs we have been doing over the past few months:

We’ve made and printed thousands of bookmarks on archival paper for the many large volumes we hold which are too big to go in boxes and are best kept upright. Each bookmark has an individual reference number so that the staff and the move contractors will know what order to put the volumes in when they pack them into crates and then unpack them in their new home.

Over a thousand bookmarks for the Birmingham City Council Education Committee minutes and Petty Sessions.

Over 1000 bookmarks for the Birmingham City Council Education Committee and Petty Sessions volumes.

We’ve been checking that every large volume has its unique reference number written in pencil inside and has its reference clearly printed on a bookmark so that it is easy to see the reference number without having to open the volume.

Birmingham Education Committee minutes with bookmarks

Birmingham Education Committee minutes with bookmarks.

Any old boxes which we think won’t survive being moved are being replaced with new archival boxes and we’ve been putting clearer reference numbers on the boxes.

Old Town Clerks deed boxes

Old Town Clerks deed boxes.

Town Clerks deeds in new archival boxes

Town Clerks deeds in new archival boxes.

We have been boxing up any material that has been stored loose on the shelves,  making sure it is clearly labelled with its reference number while any particularly fragile material is being carefully wrapped.

School board material which needs boxing

School board material which will be boxed.

These are just some of the jobs  which we have left on our massive to-do list before the archives can be put into crates by the contractors who will be moving the archives into their new home in the Library of Birmingham later this year.

Eleanor, Archives Assistant

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  1. Same game we did in the late 1960s, except the lending stock had to be prepared for computer issuing. We closed all day Thursdays for something over 2 yrs before the actual move event. This ran over a 6 month period opening the your present building from the bottom upward.

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