NEW: Library of Birmingham Mobile App

Dozens and Trails Mobile App

Tap Your Way Into The Library With Dozens & Trails

I’ve been working as part of a small team to create a different and novel way into the Library’s extensive collections and activities, by utilising the latest technology. I’m now happy to announce that it’s launched today! Dozens and Trails is the name of our app and it’s been developed for smartphones and iPads. As the name suggests, there are two distinct facets to this app:

The Dozens Mobile AppDozens are visual highlights of cherry-picked selections of 12 favourites, personal interests, or recommendations from Birmingham’s library staff and partners. From the extraordinary to the bizarre, we hope to offer a new perspective on old things and bring the unexpected to light. Designed to be browsable on-the-go, Dozens offer bite-size portions of Birmingham’s wonderful collections. Waiting to be discovered in the first 12 Dozens are The Attack of the Midges, Buffalo Bill on New Street, Coffins on Trains, Dicky Bird Land, Gimblets and Augers, the Mankiest Monster, Revolutionary Opera, Wanted posters, and the first TV licence issued in Birmingham. You will also discover how Outreach work is connected to pigeons, meet The REP‘s Drama Queens, and learn about the 1903 mystery of a revolver, a death, and a Handsworth librarian.

The Library Takes Its Collections To The Streets…

Trails similarly showcase 12 articles, but this time they are collected together in theme-based tours of illustrated sites mapped around the city. You can explore the city’s rich cultural history of innovators, benefactors and radical thinkers, on foot or at home. Trails show how the everyday urban landscape has stories embedded in its walls and spaces. Birmingham’s past is revealed in the first 3 Trails through key sites associated with Antislavery campaigners, the fight for The Right to Vote, and how and where you could live in Birmingham on Sixpence a Day. The app’s interactive maps will also help you find your way around these walking tours.

Content Will Be Refreshed And Will Grow…

From the city to the suburbs, staff and partners will continue to share their enthusiasm for all manner of subjects and their wide-ranging knowledge. Similar in style to a magazine, this will be on a regular basis, as additional Dozens and Trails are released on the app.

Dozens and Trails App on Android iPhone and iPad

Download Our App For FREE…

Produced by Substrakt, the app is now available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Visit for direct links to downloads, or search for  Dozens and Trails in the App Store or Google Play.

Looking Forward To New Development…

We have already started work with Substrakt on planning Version 2.0, as we want to add even more features and improvements to the app. I would therefore really like to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see in the next version…

Brigitte Winsor,
Digital Content Editor


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