A peek inside the Golden Box


After years of preparation and planning, the move to the new Library of Birmingham has finally begun! The new building includes two floors of state-of-the-art storage for the city’s priceless collections of archives, photography and rare books – these are indicated on the outside of the building by the gold panelling from which our ‘Golden Box’ takes its name. Once installed, our collections will be stored in closely controlled temperature and humidity environments, with low temperature areas reserved for our sensitive photographic collections. A freezer store is also included, designed to hold the most vulnerable materials until they can be conserved and repaired by our specialist Conservation team.

The storage areas are filled with mobile shelving units, designed to maximise capacity and provide the Library with expansion space for the future. During the move itself, over 5,000 cubic metres of material will be moved into these stores. To put this in perspective,the average 3-bedroom house move will typically include 40-55 cubic metres of furniture, clothing, appliances and other items – so up until the end of July, the equivalent of 90-125 house moves will be taking place between the old Central Library and the Library of Birmingham. And that’s without all of the other books, CDs DVDs and other resources which the Library holds – no small task indeed!

David Bishop
Customer Experience Manager, Archives & Heritage



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  1. niky rathbone

    The Golden Box, Like it

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