We made it!

We’ve been closed for 9 months, but now our re-opening is in sight: the Library of Birmingham opens on 3 September, and the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research opens the following week, on 9 September. So this seems like a good time to bring our readers up to date with the final days of the move from the old Central Library.

The move of all the archive collections began way back at the beginning of May, and finished in mid-August. In that time, 16km of archive material was moved, and you will be pleased to hear that everything seems to have made it safely to its new home – there have been no behind-the-scenes disasters!

Central shelves

Our old shelves.

The shelves in Central Library are now empty and rather forlorn, while our state-of-the-art new shelving has filled up nicely. But don’t worry, there is still space for us to expand our collections with new and wonderful things for our visitors to explore. And the Wolfson Centre is looking lovely, but you’ll have to wait until next week’s post for photos!

Library of Birmingham shelves

Our new shelves!

For us in the Archives, Heritage and Photography team, though, the end of the move is only the beginning of our next phase of work. As well as welcoming our visitors to the Wolfson Centre, we will be undertaking a detailed survey of our new stores, so we can retrieve material for readers quickly and efficiently. We’re also planning how we’ll continue with our work of cataloguing and promoting our material, now that we’re happily ensconced in our new home.

After the years we’ve spent working towards a successful move to the Library of Birmingham it’s hard to believe that we actually did it, but here we are!


2 responses to “We made it!

  1. So how was opening day then? Richard (Abbott) and I watched local news up here in Stockport and public side it all looked fine.

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