A Tale of Many Cities

Wingate Bett Jukebox

Wingate Bett Jukebox

The Wingate Bett Collection is an amazing assortment of transport tickets, purchased for journeys by rail, air, ski-lifts and trams all over the world. Over 1 million tickets have been collected together dating from 1840 to 1977.

Thanks to the creativity and imagination behind Stand and Stare’s Theatre Jukebox, you can now experience the Wingate Bett Collection in an innovative and immersive way. The Jukebox, instead of playing records, plays stories inspired by real travel diaries, photographs, and of course the tickets themselves. The Jukebox, in the Heritage Lounge on floor 4, allows you to choose your ticket, put on your headphones and listen to the narrative which brings to life some of these journeys which started with a simple ticket.

Rhodri and Stephen choosing a ticket to begin their journey

Rhodri and Stephen choose a boating ticket to begin the multimedia experience

Watch and listen while the story unfolds

Watch and listen while the story unfolds

Interested in finding out more? Jim Ranahan will be talking about The Social Aspect of Transport on Thursday 12 December, and exploring the Wingate Bett Collection further. Tickets are £3 and available either from the Box Office on 0121 245 4455 or via Birmingham-box.co.uk. Certainly worth coming along for!


2 responses to “A Tale of Many Cities

  1. Sounds interesting. So the local studies talks are starting again. Could you post venue and time when advertising them, please

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