A marvellous medicine?

Wartime bus poster with a picture of a  text on poster "The Ministry of Heath says coughs and sneezes spread diseases, help keep the nation fighting fit!!

Reference: LE/WW2 Posters

When looking at a recent accession, I came across the following recipe for cough mixture…

4 1/2 oz of Salts of Tartar
4 1/2 oz of Liquorice
85 drops of Oil of Aniseed
250 drops of Oil of Peppermint
1 gallon of Water

Chop liquorice up and dissolve it in the boiling water then add the other ingredients. mix all well together and bottle. Dose: a wineglassful to be taken twice a day (p.s. it is very strong of peppermint should use less for myself) C. V.

This handwritten recipe dates from the 1920s and is part of “Recommended Recipes” a collection made by Mrs T.A. Hamilton-Baynes in aid of the funds of St. George’s Church, Edgbaston (MS 4082).  Each recipe is credited to a different individual usually just with an initial like the “C.V.” above.  They are mainly food recipes such as dinners, snacks, cakes and deserts.  This one stood out to me as a little more useful in January when people are recovering from Christmas excess and suffering the usual coughs and colds that seem to linger this time of year.

Of course we can not take any responsibility if anyone fancies abandoning the usual Lemsip or Strepsils* in favour of making up a gallon of this concoction, but we would love to hear from you if you have any success!

Kathryn Hall

*other cold remedies are available


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