More New Additions

Part of the Birmingham Collection, Level 4

The following items have recently been added to AHP’s bookstock collections.Items in the Birmingham collection or located on level 4 or level 3 are available on the open shelves without an appointment. Any items whose reference is prefixed L, LF or LP need to be requested from staff at the customer service desk on level 4.


1.Albutt, Roy.
Stained Glass Window Makers of Birmingham School of Art.
L 54.1 ALB.

2.Clancy, John.
The Secret Wealth Garden : Re-writing Local Government Pension Funds back into Regional Economies.
L 41.71CLA

3.Collins, Fran & Martin.
Bridging The Gap. US Army Rehabilitation Centres in Warwickshire & Worcestershire during World War II.
75.9 Birmingham Collection

4.Collins, Fran & Martin.
Return to Duty. An Account of Brickbarns Farm, Merebrook and Wood Farm U.S. Army Hospitals in Malvern, 1943 – 45.
L 98 MAL

5.Dixon, James.
Out of Birmingham : George Dixon (1820 – 98). ‘Father of Free Education’.
78.1 DIX Birmingham Collection

6.Evans, Karen.
A Grim Almanac of Birmingham.
42.021 EVA Birmingham Collection

7.Grupas, Aldona.
Lithuanian Community in the West Midlands After the Second World War (1947 – 2012).
21.85 GRU Birmingham Collection

8.Harriman, Bill.
Cavendo Tutus – Safety Through Care. A Short History of the Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House, 1813 – 2013.
LP 65.56 HAR

9.(Ed.) Harrison, Michael.
Lander’s War: The War Diaries of Lt. Charles Herbery Lander, 10th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
75.7 LAN Birmingham Collection

10.High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill, Explanatory Notes.
LF 47.34

11.(Ed) Jaffa, Richard.
A Letter from Oggi : The Letters of Olga Franklin.
L 78.1 FRA

12.(Ed.) Jones, Brian.
People, Pens & Production in Birmingham’s Steel Pen Trade.
67.24 Birmingham Collection

13.Lambert, David.
Westbourne Road Leisure Gardens. Report on the Historic Landscape. Vols. 1 & 2.
LP 44.51 LAM

14.Limbrick, Gudrun.
Unlocked. Hidden stories of the lives of Birmingham women 1900 to the present day.
LP22.7 LIM

15.(Ed.) Lockett, Alexandra.
Pigeon Talk : Tales From The Fancy, Birmingham Pigeon Archive. (2013).
L 25.45

16.Mitchell, Elaine.
Duddeston’s Shady Walks & Arbours, Vauxhall Gardens, c 1745 – 1850.
LP 91.4 DUD

17.National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies.
Record of church furnishings at St. Michael & All Angels, Cofton Hackett.
LF 14.44 STM

18.National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies.
Record of church furnishings at St. Peter, Harborne.
LF 14.22 STP

19.Norton, Mark.
Birmingham New Street Station Through Time.
47.35 NOR Birmingham Collection

20.Powell – Read, Finella.
The Shocking Fate of the Street Musician’s Daughter : Being the Untold Story of Selina Powell, Madame Geneive (Female Blondin). (2014).
L 78.1 POW

21.Roberts, Stephen.
Sir Richard Tangye, 1833 – 1906. A Cornish Entrepreneur in Victorian Birmingham.
78.1 TAN Birmingham Collection

22.Scala Cinema, Birmingham. Programmes (1930 – 1935).
L 26.6

23.Sharpe, Michael.
Tracing Your Birmingham Ancestors.
77.1 SHA Birmingham Collection
and 929.107204 West Mobile Press, Level 4.

24.Sutton, Chris.
From Smethwick to St. Nazaire. The Life of Bill Savage VC.
78.1 SAV Birmingham Collection

25.Taylor, Carol Y.
Gibson Road Church – In The Beginning.
18.91 GIB Birmingham Collection

26.Walcot, Patrick.
A Sketch of the Life of Dr. William Small and his relationship with Matthew Boulton & James Watt.
LP 78.1 SMA

27.Williams, Elaine.
Florence Camm : Negotiating Success.
LF 78.1 CAM


1.Bundock, Michael.
The Fortunes of Francis Barber : The True Story of the Jamaican Slave Who Became Samuel Johnson’s Heir.
828.609 Black History Collection, Level 3

2.Onuora, Emy.
Pitch Black – The Story of Black British Footballers.
796.334089 Black History Collection, Level 3

3.Vasili, Phil.
Arthur Wharton (1865 – 1930), the first black footballer.
796.334092 WHA Black History Collection, Level 3

4.Vasili, Phil.
Walter Tull (1888 – 1918), Officer, Footballer.
940. 334092 TUL Black History Collection, Level 3


1.Kennett, Debbie.
The Surname Handbook. A Guide to family Name Research in the 21st Century.
929.42 East Mobile Press, Level 4.

2.Morgan, George C. & Smith, Drew.
Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques.
929.1072 West Mobile Press, Level 4.

3.Sharpe, Michael.
Tracing Your Birmingham Ancestors.
929.107204 West Mobile Press, Level 4.


1.Brotton, Jerry.
A History of the World in Twelve Maps.
526.09 East Mobile Press, Level 4


1.Jolly, Emma.
My Ancestor was a Woman at War.
929.2 Military Genealogy, Level 4.

2.Paterson, Sarah.
Tracing Your Prisoner of War Ancestors : The First World War (2012).
929.1072 Military Genealogy, Level 4.

3.Tiller, Kate.
Remembrance & Community : War Memorials and Local History. (2013).
940.5465 TIL Military Genealogy, Level 4.


1.Boulton, David.
Objection Overruled. Conscription and Conscience in the First World War.
940.3162. Wolfson Centre, Level 4.

2.Hamblin, Alan.
If Only These Walls Could Speak : An Orphanage Diary.
Part 2 focuses on the Princess Alice Orphanage.
362.732 Wolfon Centre, Level 4.

3.Street, Sean.
The Memory of Sound. Preserving the Sonic Past.
153.123 Wolfson Centre, Level 4.

One response to “More New Additions

  1. Thank you for adding my book, Gibson Road church – In The Beginning to your archives. I am honored.

    Carol Taylor

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