Something Old, Something New: Birmingham Images

Many of you may be aware of Digital Ladywood, Digital Handsworth and Digital Balsall Heath – three websites that provided images and resources relating to the history of their respective areas. As with any digital platform, however, the servers were in need of upgrading and it was an ideal opportunity to combine all three into Birmingham Images which is a really easy to use site bringing all these fabulous resources into a single place.

It is broadly the same as the old sites, being able to access resources via Theme Explorer which now has easy quick links for people, places, subjects and time periods. We found the Map Explorer function particularly fantastic, being able to overlay modern maps with Ordnance Survey maps from the 1900s and 1940s.

Birmingham Images: Theme Explorer subject areas

Birmingham Images: Theme Explorer subject areas

Although it is a stand alone site, the links to it can be found on The Iron Room (note the tab at the top of the page). Over the coming months, we hope to add more content to our blog site with guides to collections and sources available within our department. These new pages will also appear as tabs across the top of the page so watch this space. (Or rather the space above!)

The Suburban Birmingham website which was a fantastic resource for studying the history of Birmingham’s south-western suburbs has a new home on the Connecting Histories website, which has also undergone a smart upgrade.

Suburban Birmingham on Connecting Histories

Suburban Birmingham on Connecting Histories

Inevitably you might find the odd link that doesn’t work, but overall thank you to the man from the Council that worked hard to keep the sites going, I’m sure you’ll agree they are a fantastic resource which came out of a lot of hard work and collaboration.

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  1. Glad your back.

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