Birmingham Archives & Collections: New Opening Hours

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation we ran during September and October about the opening hours of the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research here in the Library of Birmingham.

We had an amazing response, with so many of you getting in touch via email, in person, and via social media, with responses from a wide range of customers from our weekly visiting local, subject, and family historians, from those who travel a distance, from depositors, from academics, from community groups, and from students, and we are very grateful, too, to those who ensured that our consultation was seen by as many people as possible through their re-posting of the blog piece and the flurries of retweeting that went on. What’s more, we understand from your comments that this change in opening hours is not what many of you would wish for the service, but your understanding of the challenges we are presently encountering, and your sincere concerns for the service and the collections, was evident in the many supportive comments that accompanied the responses you sent in.

From this positive and constructive feedback there was a clear preference in terms of which opening hours option to go for – with 70% of you going for option 3. You can see what these options were here.

Below is a breakdown of the preferences for the three options:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 No option selected
17% 12% 70% 1%

56% of you responded via our online consultation, and 44% of you responded using the paper copy version.

So, the new opening hours will come into effect on the week beginning the 16th November, from which point we will be open 3 days per week, with one late night per week, and one Saturday every 4 weeks (so open 4 days on those weeks), as follows:

Tuesday:  11am – 7pm
Wednesday: 11am – 4:30pm
Thursday:  11am – 4:30pm
Saturday (1 in 4): 11am – 4pm

Our Saturday openings will be:

12th December 2015Wolfon Centre
9th January 2016
6th February 2016
5th March 2016
2nd April 2016
30th April 2016
28th May 2016
18th June 2016
23rd July 2016
20th August 2016
17th September 2016
15th October 2016
12th November 2016
10th December 2016

The one caveat to these opening hours, is that on Tuesday the 17th November we’re having our Explore Archives pop-up exhibition, so appointment bookings will be taken until 4pm in the Wolfson Centre, with the event starting at 4:30 – please do come a long and take a look! You can read more about it here.

I know I promised that my second blog would be an interesting one involving something from the collections, and this isn’t it! So, I’ll aim for something in my 3rd blog!

Thanks again for all your support.

Corinna Rayner
Archives & Collections Manager


4 responses to “Birmingham Archives & Collections: New Opening Hours

  1. Glad to hear this has finally been sorted out – it’s been a long time coming! And credit to the team for keeping the service going in the meantime – not easy on such reduced numbers.

  2. Reblogged this on keithbracey and commented:
    Library of#Birmingham #Archives : New opening hours

  3. Congrats on coming up with the best solution possible given the limited resources — great to have a late eve back for those of us who are late starters (or have a job to go to).

  4. Reblogged this on Greenhill Genealogy and commented:
    New Opening Times for Birmingham Archives & Collections from 16th November. An inevitable reduction given current woefully low staff numbers but 3 days per week, plus one late evening opening and one Saturday in four should enable everyone to find a time to suit them. Please continue to use this excellent resource for Birmingham local and family history – and remember that the staff are not the ones making the cuts! They continue to deserve our support.

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