Birmingham Heritage Week – A Retrospective

The Wolfson Centre returned to normal this morning after hosting not one but TWO pop-up exhibitions in the last three days!

Shakespeare First Folio - on display in the Wolfson Centre on Saturday (under strict supervision by our Conservator!)

Shakespeare First Folio – on display in the Wolfson Centre on Saturday (under strict supervision by our Conservator!)

Saturday was another success for our re-run of the Shakespeare: Infinite Varieties exhibition, which included some fabulous items that were previously on show in the gallery as part of Our Shakespeare. Also on display was the First Folio, giving visitors the chance to get up close (but not touch!) this fantastic volume. Believe it or not, the book that drew even more attention was this one:

German Shakespeareans [132093]

German Shakespeareans

It was given to the Library by  Professor Frederik Augustus Leo in 1878 who had clearly appreciated the help he had received when studying! You can access a digital copy online via the Shakespeare Album website.

Last night was the launch of the Children at War project by the Friends of Archives & Heritage. Visitors were again treated to a wonderful exhibition giving a  rich and varied snapshot of the experience of the child during the First World War. This was only the beginning of the project and they would love to hear from people who would like to volunteer and get involved. For details of the project, please visit their website and get in touch through their Contact page!

A great turn out for the Children at War launch event.

Nicola Crews


4 responses to “Birmingham Heritage Week – A Retrospective

  1. Good to hear your Shakespeare pop-up was as successful as the last one. That German Shakespeareans album is always incredibly popular. The portraits were all digitized for Werner Habitch, Univ. of Wurzburg.

  2. Many thanks for hosting our launch event yesterday on behalf of the Friends of Birmingham Archives & Heritage and the Voices of War and Peace.
    It was a privilege to be able to welcome visitors to engage with some of the amazing resources held in both the archives and local studies collections. We’ve recruited some new volunteers – and I hope that such an event helps to encourage more people to visit the archives to further their own research interests too.

  3. Many congratulations on the success of the Shakespeare exhibitions and well done for allowing books like the First Folio and German Shakespeareans with its striking cover to be seen by the public.

  4. Reblogged this on Birmingham Children of War and commented:
    Reblogging The Iron Room’s blog which includes coverage of our launch event yesterday in the Wolfson Centre at Library of Birmingham. The archives staff did an amazing job especially considering the turn round from the other Birmingham Heritage Week event they’d hosted on Saturday. I used to work there as an Archives Assistant so know just how much hard work goes on behind the scenes – and their team is half the size it used to me so much credit to them.
    Liz Palmer

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