Easter Hope

When researching our blog for Easter, the obvious collection to look in was the records of the Cadbury Family. Easter and Cadbury now go hand in hand but this is no new phenomena. Before the Second World War, Cadbury were making and decorating some splendid Easter Eggs and photographs in the collection not only show the production line machinery that was used, but also staff adorning the eggs with intricate decoration by hand.

Machinery used to create Easter Eggs, 1939
©Cadbury/Mondelez International [MS 466/41/Box 4A/81]


The mechanical techniques used to make the eggs were clearly advanced as the annotation on the photographs convey:  

‘Can it be that these fabulous Easter Eggs were issued as a production line? Such would seem to the case, and it is an indication of the high quality of Grade 1 products before the 1939 war brought the end to these expensive lines. When King George VI and Queen Elizabeth came to Bournville in 1939, one of the show pieces was the decoration by hand of even larger eggs. Sic transit Gloria mundi.’

Decorating Easter Eggs, 1939
©Cadbury/Mondelez International [MS 466/41/Box 4A/83]

Also in the Cadbury Family papers is an uplifting sentiment that Easter is full of hope. Published in Women’s Leader and Common Cause on 10th April, 1925, Mrs. George Cadbury wrote:

‘Yes, glorious Easter, coming at the time of the return to the dull, cold earth of the tokens of renewed life, riotous beauty of colour, exquisite fragrance of flowers, blue windswept skies, scudding white and grey clouds, is the symbol of all that makes life wonderful; wonderful in spite of its bereavements, its disappointments, and failures, telling year by year of victory not only over death, but of possible victory over untold difficulties, discouragements, privations, limitations.’

Easter Message from Mrs. George Cadbury
[MS 466/152/39]

Wishing you all a Happy and Hopeful Easter.

Nicola Crews



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    A Happy Easter to all of the readers of my blog…..and may you enjoy some #MADEINBIRMINGHAM #Cadbury #Chocolate this Easter!

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