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Celebrating 120 years of Balsall Heath Library

Balsall Heath Branch Library, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. 1910. [WK/B3/29]

Balsall Heath Branch Library, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. 1910.

Balsall Heath Library was officially opened 120 years ago on 18 April 1896.

You discover some odd things while looking into the Birmingham Free Libraries Management Sub-Committee minutes, in order to flesh out the first year or so.

In January 1896 it was recommended that ‘noiseless chair pads’ be attached to the chairs at Balsall Heath as they were regarded as very satisfactory in the School of Art.

The first Librarian appointed in October 1895, a Mr Shuttleworth, left within a month to go to Rotherhithe and the post was re-advertised. A Mr Mould was then appointed, previously a librarian at Harborne, aged 23 and a half, with 8 years of service and a good exam result. His starting salary was 30 shillings a week.

The first cleaner appointed in February 1896 resigned within a month on health grounds, and the second, Mr Whittle, appointed in March 1896, also resigned within a month. He already held the job of caretaker at the Wesleyan Chapel, Moseley Road, and the Chapel authorities would not give permission for him to hold another post. A previous candidate, Mrs Annie Smith was therefore appointed at 15 shillings a week, to find all her own materials and necessary assistance. This was 5 shillings less than the sum offered to Mr Whittle.

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