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I chuse thee now, my Valantine.


MS 3101/C/D/83/1

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we have been searching the archives for a little romance.

Amongst the papers of the Galton Family (MS 3101) we found a curious verse addressed to ‘Howard’ – in this case John Howard Galton.

Howard, – long I’ve sigh’d for thee_!!!
Thou no Love has breath’d to me;_
Give me thy Love_ I’ll give thee mine;
I chuse thee now, my Valantine!
How long, alas! _ I’ve secret pined;
Thy graceful image fills my mind;
I’ve envied oft, that witching smile
Neglected whilst I sat the while;
Oft have I tried to catch thy glance;
I’ve watcht thee thro’ the mazy dance;
More favord Nymphs were always nigh,
And I was passd neglected by!!!_
I wish thee not to see me now;
My griefs o’ercast my sadden’d brow
My eyes, alas, are dim’d with tears,
My face, like Niobis, appears;
Give me thy vows!_ thoult see me then,
Array’d in all my charms again!_
My head with garlands all adorning,
I’ll meet thee then, dress’d like May morning!_
I’ll count my charms!_ I’ll tell each grace!_
That thou mayst know thy true-Love’s face;
Neglectful pass it not, again;
The Cynosure to other men!_!

The verses continue over four pages but sadly we don’t know whether true love blossomed as the sender remains unidentified.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!